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Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Brisbane is full of wonderful wedding photographers, which can make it more difficult to choose which one to book. When it comes to selecting a photographer for your big day, there are a couple of things I think are important to consider. These are: pricing, style, image security and connection. This post covers these essential details to discuss before booking your photographer. It is not intended to encourage you to book me, but rather as a guide for evaluating whether any photographer is suited to you.

Why is wedding photography so important?

The images of your day are the physical representation of the magic of the moment. Our memories fade. The dress is stored or sold. The cake is eaten and long forgotten. But your photos – they’re displayed on your walls, shown to your children, and cherished for a lifetime. Professional photography is one of the biggest investments on your wedding day. Aside from the monetary aspect, the images you gain can never be replaced or recreated. After contemplating every detail carefully to bring your vision to life, your photographer is the one you trust with capturing it all in a way that feels authentic, beautiful, and complete.

Pricing & Packages

Perhaps you have a classic, romantic elopement planned. Or maybe a three-day wedding festival with all the luxe adornments. While it may not seem like your ideal date night, it is important to sit down with your fiancé and have an open discussion about your wedding budget before you start paying deposits. Talk about the details you value most as a couple. I suggest choosing three itemsthat are the most important to you – photography, venue, rings, for example – and assigning the largest portion of your budget to these non-negotiables. You can then evaluate your remaining budget for the smaller details.

I recommend finding a photographer who offers:

Bespoke packages that are tailored for all couples and their needs

Perhaps you are eloping or having a small wedding. In that case, you may not need to hire a photographer for 8 hours. Does your photographer offer a package that suits your needs? Is it within your budget?

Payment plans

It is wonderful if you have the cash up front, but if you don’t, you may need to find a photographer who offers reasonable payment plans. Most do. We know weddings are expensive. If you can’t tell whether your photographer offers payment plans, feel free to ask! We are always happy to receive enquiries.

A pre-wedding meeting

I love these meetings. I use this time to discuss timelines, shot lists, any special requirements and to establish an honest connection with my couples. This is a great opportunity to discuss your other vendors, talk through your plans, and ask any questions you may have.

Second shooters

A second shooter on the day is not always a necessity, but it is a great option if your budget allows. For smaller weddings, your photographer should be able to capture all the important images alone. However, I strongly recommend hiring a second photographer for bigger weddings, or if you want to make sure none of the special moments of your day are missed. Don’t fret, though - if a second

shooter is not possible, an experienced photographer will always make sure they get the images you value most. I always get creative with my shots to include details that might otherwise be missed.

Packages with plenty of images

In the end, you are paying your photographer to supply you with gorgeous images, so you want to make sure that you’re going to be receiving more than enough to remember this beautiful time in your lives. As a guide, my packages have a minimum of 500 high resolution, digitally edited images. I truly believe that any package that offers fewer photos is simply inadequate to cover a full wedding – you either won’t get all the images you wish you had, or you’ll be forced to upgrade packages, often at a premium.


I don’t believe booking your photographer should be based on pricing and packages alone. Every reputable photographer has a distinct style so make sure your dream wedding album matches your photographer’s style.

Image security

Ensuring the safe delivery of your all-important images is critical. Before you book your

photographer, make sure you understand how they will be protecting your photos so that you aren’t at risk of losing them.

Is it love?

When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer, you will know straight away who you feel most comfortable with. You want to choose someone who truly sees you as a couple and sees your vision for the day. Your wedding photographer will be spending more time with you on the day than your fiancé, so you really want that person to be someone you click with. They’re admiring your dress as you get ready, keeping you calm as you wait to see your fiancé, laughing with you during your portrait session, and clinking that champagne with you at the end of the night.

Find a photographer who feels like a friend, and if they tick all the boxes, you can’t go wrong.


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